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Cataract Testimonials

Read Some Words From Our Happy Cataract Patients

"At only 24 hours out from my laser cataract surgery, the Symfony® (Extended Depth of Focus) lens has improved my distance and intermediate vision.  I can’t wait to have my other eye done.  My surgery was quick and the nurses at the surgery center made me feel safe and at home.  All the staff members were conscientious.  Dr. Seltzer paid attention to me and was very careful and diligent.  I came here because Dr. Seltzer was highly recommended by another doctor."

- Barbara F.

"I couldn’t see faces, felt like I was living in a cave because everything was dark and hazy, and didn’t trust myself to drive during the day or at night because I couldn’t see signs and billboards.

I had bladeless laser cataract surgery and have extended depth of focus multifocal Toric (astigmatism) lens implants.  Now I can see everything!  I can put on make-up, see details on the television, drive anytime, go shopping and read labels on grocery store products.

Dr. Seltzer is so kind, concerned and absolutely wants the best outcome he can get for you.  I adore him; he is a great doctor.  Everyone at Carolinas Centers for Sight is so professional, friendly, kind and pleasant. They all work as a team.

To me, it is awesome that this surgery can be done and your vision when you were young can be restored.  It is a new lease on life because you don’t have to settle for poor vision any more. Had I known before what I know now, I would have had cataract surgery sooner.  I would tell anyone who asked me, 'Don’t hesitate!  This surgery is fast, easy and not painful.’  I think Carolinas Centers for Sight aims for achieves excellence.”

- Debra H.

"Cataract surgery is a marvelous thing!  It is a must to get the cataracts taken off as soon as you are told they should be removed and to have surgery by the right doctor.  Having this surgery and now being able to see so many things is amazing.  I am thankful to Dr. Vasuki.  When I first saw him, he said he would perform the same surgery on me that he performed on his mother.  That alone made me want him to do my surgery.Dr. Vasuki is awesome, magnetic and I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone, anytime for cataract surgery.  Go see Dr. Vasuki!"

- Alice D.

"At night, bright lights really bothered me. A few months ago, I was coming back from the beach with my grandson and I couldn’t see 50 feet in front of my car. This is what let me know it was time to do something.

Reading became increasingly difficult as I kept trying to position things at just the right distance to read. Also, I couldn’t read road signs.

The first thing I noticed after I had my first eye done was that the sky was bluer, grass was greener and colors were popping. The improvement was immediate. I noticed a big difference between getting the first eye done and having surgery on the second eye. After the second eye was done, I noticed an immediate difference. I was apprehensive before the second eye was done because I had strain. After the second eye was done, I am really pleased.

Dr. Seltzer and his staff were very good all-around. They were very proficient and addressed all the concerns I had. Dr. Seltzer is very knowledgeable and very skilled. I can’t say enough good things about his professionalism. I feel like I made a new friend. I would absolutely recommend him.

The surgery center staff were also very professional and proficient. When I was in surgery, it went so quickly. And afterwards, I could see colors better immediately."

- William A.

“I had cataracts in both my eyes.  Because of the shape of my eyes, I needed the Toric lens implants for astigmatism. After the first eye, I couldn’t wait to have the second eye done.

Before cataract surgery, I had double vision especially when driving at night. I do a lot of driving cars to different cities for the local car dealers.  I was driving as far as Tennessee and Ohio.  Even though I had a Garmin, I was missing my exits sometimes. Since the surgery, I can see my exits a half mile down the road.

Now, everything looks so clear and bright.  I can see individual leaves and pine needles, not just the trees.  When I watched baseball on television, it looked like there were too many guys on the field but now it looks right.

From my initial consultation at this office, everything was 110%.  Everyone was so helpful and nice. Dr. Seltzer was excellent.  He went over all my options and helped us make a decision.  It was a great experience at the office and the surgery center.  I would definitely recommend Carolinas Centers for Sight to anyone who needs cataracts removed”.

- Samuel T.

“I was getting bad headaches with and without my glasses.  It became difficult to drive because my peripheral vision was not good.  I am right eye dominant and the cataract in this eye was affecting all my activities, especially hunting which I couldn’t do any more.I had the bladeless laser cataract surgery with Symfony® multifocal lens implants in both eyes.  My vision is now 20/20 in both eyes and for the first time since I was a teenager, I can see stars at night.I think everyone is professional and courteous at the office and the surgery center. Dr. Vasuki was nice, courteous and professional.  I couldn’t be happier with how well he handled everything.  When your vision goes back to 20/20, you can only say positive things!I would refer anyone to Carolinas Centers for Sight.  I wish I had done cataract surgery 50 years ago so I would have been 50 years without glasses!”

- Richard R.

“After buying prescription glasses every six months because the vision in my left eye was so bad, I came in to see Dr. Seltzer. My family and friends had greatly praised him.

I had laser cataract surgery and opted for the Symfony multifocal lens.  When I came out of surgery, I was reading the newspaper the same day.  I don’t need glasses to read the paper or drive.  It’s amazing!

The staff at Carolinas Centers for Sight were all excellent and Dr. Seltzer is simply the best.  I like him because he is very professional and gives an air of confidence. When you shake his hand, you know he knows what he is doing.”

- Paul C.

“Before my laser cataract surgery with Dr. Seltzer, I had to get my glasses to see the clock when I woke up.  In less than 24 hours after cataract surgery, I could see the television in the next room WITHOUT blurriness.  I couldn’t get over how bright things were.  I had no thought that I would be able to see that quickly. When I came in for my follow-up visit, I asked if I could get my second eye done immediately!

This surgery was the best thing in the world and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It’s amazing! I tell everybody to make an appointment, go and get cataract surgery done.  Don’t even think about it, just get it done.  I never dreamt it would be this great!  I had terrible astigmatism and it is now fixed.”

- Deborah K.

“I love my eyes!  Before having laser cataract surgery and getting the Symfony ® Extended Depth of Focus lens implants, I used to wear glasses to watch television and to drive. I had multiple pairs of glasses with multiple strengths.  Also, I am a mortgage banker and couldn’t see to work on my computer at the office. Now, I can see everything!  Colors are brighter, I can read tiny print and perform my job at work.  My vision was 20/20 at my last visit and I am thrilled. In fact, I gave my glasses away. Carolinas Centers for Sight, P.C. is the most well-oiled machine I have ever seen. Everybody has a job to do to get everything perfect so you will have a perfect surgery.  Everything was so synchronized.  Dr. Seltzer is focused on the job at hand and made sure everything went smoothly.”

- Linda H.

“Before my laser, my vision was blurry with little white spots and I couldn’t see the time on the television.  When I was driving during the daytime, everything would just blur on me.  The laser helped me a lot because now I don’t have to get right up to the television to read things and I don’t see the floating white spots. Dr. Seltzer is fantastic.  I would recommend him to anyone with the highest standards because he is an excellent doctor.  I put him on a pedestal.”

- Sadie M.

“Carolinas Centers for Sight is the best place to come for cataract surgery.  We live in Loris and we come here and would again. Dr. Greene has a wonderful bedside manner—the best I have ever experienced.  He is awesome and always smiling.  I am absolutely thrilled at the results.  I went from being blind almost and using a magnifier.  Now I can see whatever I want to see.”

- Victoria G.

“I couldn’t do my job. My vision was so bad I couldn’t lay something down and then find it.  I couldn’t watch television even on a 50” screen. Now that I have had cataract surgery, my vision is wonderful. I had an eye exam this morning and I saw the big E and cried.  I have never been able to see the chart itself, much less the big E. I can see the pattern in the carpet.  It is remarkable what I can see now. Dr. Vasuki is so kind. I would tell everyone that they need to come to Carolinas Centers for Sight and see Dr. Vasuki for their cataract surgery. There is nothing to be afraid of."

- Larinda G.

“I have had laser cataract surgery on both of my eyes and am a happy camper because at 75 years old, I don’t need glasses to see in the distance. Dr. Seltzer is my hero because he gave me my freedom. He is an amazing guy. It was a wonderful experience. You don’t have to wait long for an appointment. Everyone knows what they are doing and they were courteous. I’d send anybody here.  It is the place to go for cataract surgery.”

- Jim C.

“I had the ORA procedure with my cataract surgery and now I am 100% better. I used to hate driving at night, but I don’t mind now because I can see. I can read again and get on the computer.  These are things I could not do before cataract surgery because my vision was so blurred. I like Dr. Greene because he is very good. My husband had his cataract surgery with Dr. Greene also. I would tell my friends and family to go ahead and make your appointment and have it done.”

- Gloria S.

“I was legally blind before my cataract surgery and totally night blind.  After dark, tail lights and traffic lights ran together. Shopping was difficult because the overhead fluorescent lights absolutely blinded me.  Most of the time, I just stayed home for fear of falling because my vision was so bad.  I was very impressed with Dr. Vasuki because he knew what he was talking about and there was actually hope that I would be able to see again.  On the day of my surgery, Dr. Vasuki took the time to talk to me. The staff members and technicians at the clinic were all excellent, efficient and seemed to know what they were doing.  My vision is awesome today:  I can knit, sew, drive at night and find anything in my house.”

- Angel W.

“I teach physical education and was looking up at fluorescent lights all day getting glare.  It was frustrating to drive at night because I couldn’t read the signs.  Everything seemed dark no matter where I was.  I thought I needed more lighting in my house.

I had bladeless laser cataract surgery with multifocal lenses and I love my vision now.  My favorite thing is watching my younger sisters reach for their reading glasses and I don’t have to because I can read menus without glasses.  At work, I can see when working on the computer.  It is just exciting and the best Christmas present ever.

Everybody at Carolinas Centers for Sight has been so wonderful to me.  Dr. Seltzer took time to explain what is good and not good and asked if I had anymore questions.  I knew he would answer anything I asked.  I like him so much, I have already recommended him to people at work.”

- Robin M.

“Before I came in to Carolinas Centers for Sight for a cataract evaluation, I didn’t know I had cataracts in both eyes.  My poor vision was getting worse and worse and hampering my job.  I couldn’t see well enough to work on the computer and had trouble multi-tasking as the safety coordinator.  My vision was also getting in the way of my hobby, riding my motorcycle.  I couldn’t see to ride my bike or drive a car at night.  Now that both my eyes have had the cataracts removed, it is like a burden has been lifted.  My vision has dramatically improved and everything is much clearer.  I can work on the computer, drive a car at night or ride my motorcycle anytime.

Dr. Vasuki has an extremely good bedside manner and seems like he really cares for his patients before and after surgery.  He is very knowledgeable and explains everything to put you at ease. I would recommend him to anybody and already have.”

- Roy R.
When we’re talking eyes, Dr. Seltzer is probably one of the best surgeons on the planet!  My advice to anyone considering cataract surgery is get it done at Carolinas Centers for Sight.  They have testing machines you have never seen before.  They know everything about your eyes.  The operation takes 20 to 30 minutes and you don’t feel any pain before or after the surgery.  You can see immediately.  The surgery center is run better than any hospital I’ve ever been to.   For all of you who need to wear glasses or contacts, go to the bank or borrow the money and get your cataract surgery done.  You will never regret it and your life will be better again.  You will still have to wash clothes, wash the dishes and cut the grass but you will be able to see all those things crystal clear.
- Donald S.

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