Telehealth at CCFS

CCFS is committed to providing patients with the best eyecare possible in the safest, most convenient delivery. To expand access to care for our patients and community, including this unprecedented time with COVID-19, we have broadened our services for non-urgent eyecare through safe and secure Telehealth visits. We see Telehealth as an immediate solution to a problem, but we also feel that there are far reaching advantages that will last into the future.

Benefits of Telehealth

  1. Real time video and audio with your trusted eye doctor
  2. This “virtual care” mirrors in-office appointments with one of our board-certified physicians you trust
  3. Conveniently seen from the privacy and safety of your own home
  4. Only a smartphone, iPad/tablet or computer is required.

What You Will Need

  • A smartphone, iPad/tablet or computer with audio and video
  • Internet access
  • A quiet, private place
  • No special technical knowledge needed
  • If no smart device, an audio only visit may be available
  • A Snellen Eye Chart
  • Amsler Grid
Snellen eye chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions our patients ask about telehealth services

The Telehealth visit will be billed to your insurance, and they are covered by Medicare and many insurance plans.

Yes, we offer various ‘private-pay’ options that can be offered to you.

Are Telehealth visits available for people that are not already our patient?

That is clearly our hope. This is a new process that we are working through but we hope to be able to offer TeleHealth appointments in the future with all of our doctors.

Yes! Our videoconferencing/Telehealth platform is secure and is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

If your doctor determines an in-office appointment/procedure is needed, then we will bring you in. We are still open for urgent eyecare appointments.

If no smart device or computer is available, we may be able to do an audio only visit. Please let our staff know prior to scheduling your telehealth appointment.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn about Your Options

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