Cataract Testimonials

Read Some Words from Our Happy Cataract Patients

“Before my laser, my vision was blurry with little white spots and I couldn’t see the time on the television.  When I was driving during the daytime, everything would just blur on me.  The laser helped me a lot because now I don’t have to get right up to the television to read things and I don’t see the floating white spots.  Dr. Seltzer is fantastic.  I would recommend him to anyone with the highest standards because he is an excellent doctor.  I put him on a pedestal.”

— Sadie M.

“Carolinas Centers for Sight is the best place to come for cataract surgery.  We live in Loris and we come here and would again.  Dr. Greene has a wonderful bedside manner—the best I have ever experienced.  He is awesome and always smiling.  I am absolutely thrilled at the results.  I went from being blind almost and using a magnifier.  Now I can see whatever I want to see.”

—Victoria G.

“I couldn’t do my job.  My vision was so bad I couldn’t lay something down and then find it.  I couldn’t watch television even on a 50” screen.  Now that I have had cataract surgery, my vision is wonderful.  I had an eye exam this morning and I saw the big E and cried.  I have never been able to see the chart itself, much less the big E.  I can see the pattern in the carpet.  It is remarkable what I can see now.  Dr. Vasuki is so kind.  I would tell everyone that they need to come to Carolinas Centers for Sight and see Dr. Vasuki for their cataract surgery.  There is nothing to be afraid of.”

— Larinda G.

“I have had laser cataract surgery on both of my eyes and am a happy camper because at 75 years old, I don’t need glasses to see in the distance.  Dr. Seltzer is my hero because he gave me my freedom.  He is an amazing guy.  It was a wonderful experience.  You don’t have to wait long for an appointment.  Every-one knows what they are doing and they were courteous.  I’d send anybody here.  It is the place to go for cataract surgery.”

— Jim C.

“I had the ORA procedure with my cataract surgery and now I am 100% better.  I used to hate driving at night, but I don’t mind now because I can see.  I can read again and get on the computer.  These are things I could not do before cataract surgery because my vision was so blurred.  I like Dr. Greene because he is very good.  My husband had his cataract surgery with Dr. Greene also.  I would tell my friends and family to go ahead and make your appointment and have it done.”

— Gloria S.

“I was legally blind before my cataract surgery and totally night blind.  After dark, tail lights and traffic lights ran together. Shopping was difficult because the overhead fluorescent lights absolutely blinded me.  Most of the time, I just stayed home for fear of falling because my vision was so bad.  I was very impressed with Dr. Vasuki because he knew what he was talking about and there was actually hope that I would be able to see again.  On the day of my surgery, Dr. Vasuki took the time to talk to me. The staff members and technicians at the clinic were all excellent, efficient and seemed to know what they were doing.  My vision is awesome today:  I can knit, sew, drive at night and find anything in my house.”

— Angel W.

“My vision was so dull I had to use extra bright lights and could only drive during the daytime.  I couldn’t take long trips and drive because my distance vision was so poor.  After cataract surgery, my vision is 100% improved.  Now I can read recipes, quilt and do stained glass projects because everything has improved.  Dr. Seltzer says he gets pleasure from helping patients to see better.  He is a genius—he knows what he is doing and takes it very seriously.  He does not have a big ego and is very pleasant.  He made me feel relaxed.  The staff does not stand idle.  Everyone has a place to be and things to do.  It is almost like a choreographed dance.  I liked that the staff took the time to explain things.  They made it personal.”

— Delores D.

“My vision was blurry in the distance and near before I had cataract surgery.  I also had a Yag Capsulotomy.  Within two days I could see.  Dr. Greene is wonderful and I owe him my thanks for my improved vision.  I am so pleased with Dr. Greene and the rest of the staff.  The way they treat people makes you feel important and shows that Carolinas Centers for Sight cares about the patients that come in.”

— Margarette W.

“Dr. Vasuki was very professional and explained what we were going to do which gave me confidence in him and I wasn’t worried a bit.  The staff was excellent and bent over backwards to get everything right for me.  When I had my surgery, the nurses kept me updated on everything that was going on and that made me feel at ease.  I have a high regard for what was done for me.  I would tell my friends and family to come to Carolinas Centers for Sight and see Dr. Vasuki.”

— Brooks K.

“My vision was so blurred, especially up close, that I couldn’t see my fingernails.  I am a math teacher and I couldn’t see numbers when I was grading papers.  Now that I have had cataract surgery, I can read the bottom line on the eye chart.  Dr. Seltzer has great patient/doctor rapport.  He was very efficient, caring, friendly and seems genuinely interested in you.  I would tell people not to put off cataract surgery.  There is no pain and everything to gain by having it done.  I would strongly recommend Carolinas Centers for Sight.”

— Dorothy F.

“Dr. Greene did my brother’s cataract surgery and my brother recommended Dr. Greene to me. I would recommend Dr. Greene because he’s easy to talk to. You can ask him anything and he will have an answer for you. I couldn’t drive at night before Dr. Greene did my cataract surgery and now my vision doesn’t hold me back.  If I need to go out at night, I don’t mind it.  I feel so free because I can take a nap, wake up and watch television without looking for glasses.  The staff is so professional starting with the girls at the front desk.  They’re very friendly and it’s like they’ve known you for a long time.”

— Gaile F.

“I love the fact that I can see again the way it was meant to be.  I can catch all the little things I was missing before my cataract surgery.  Not only am I telling everyone about my experience with Dr. Vasuki at Carolinas Centers for Sight, but I would give the person the office phone number.  I am thankful for the service I received and I love Dr. Vasuki.  I would give him an A+.  The staff at the clinic and surgery center were excellent.  Even the girls up front are great.”

— Bobbie B.

“I did not see well even with glasses before my cataract surgery.  At night, my vision was poor with halos.  Crocheting just about stopped.  Now I can see that colors are bright and pretty.  The azaleas in my yard are so beautiful.  The moment after I opened my eye after cataract surgery, I could see!  There would not be another person in the world I would have cataract surgery done by other than Dr. Seltzer.  I can see 20/20 in both eyes.  I could not ask for anyone nicer or more willing to explain things.  I could not find anyone who could do any better than Dr. Seltzer.  I am going to refer people to him.”

— Norma M.

“I’m a long distance truck driver and I was having trouble reading road signs because my eyes just wouldn’t focus.  When doing repair work, I couldn’t see the size of the parts.  I was scared of having cataract surgery, but Dr. Vasuki makes you feel relaxed because he has a professional personality and is trust-worthy.  On the day of my surgery, the ladies in the surgery center were so friendly it made me feel like I was in a room with two sisters.  Now, I look forward to my follow-up visits with Dr. Vasuki.  If he was a woman, I would kiss him because he changed my life by fixing my eyes!”

— Frank K.

“Now my vision is 20/20 after cataract surgery and it is absolutely amazing!  Because of my faith and trust in Dr. Seltzer as my physician and his reputation as a surgeon, I owe my sight to him.  I am eternally grateful and would recom-mend him to anyone and everyone.  In my opinion, he is the best.  The office staff was compassionate, caring and helpful.  The surgical staff was very professional and efficient.”

— Cindy M.

“I was embarrassed because I had to use glasses and a magnifying glass to help my daughter with her homework.  My vision was blurred in the distance as well.  Now my vision is crystal clear!  I have Maui Jim sunglasses that I haven’t been able to wear for years and now I can see with just the sunglasses.  Everything is so clear and bright now.  Nothing is foggy, distorted or blurry.  My whole world is like a bright shining light.  I have already referred several people to Dr. Greene.  He is a really nice man and very thorough.  He explains things to you, you can ask him questions and he puts you at ease.”

— Dana S.

“Dr. Vasuki was great and I am 100% satisfied!  I had no pain or discomfort whatsoever.  Before my cataract surgery, I was very upset that at age 73, I had so much trouble with my vision.  Now, I can see well enough to cook a full breakfast.  I am so impressed with this whole office.  The staff was so kind and patient.  I would recommend Carolinas Centers for Sight as the place to go if you have trouble with your sight.  I don’t have anything but good things to say.”

— Regina M.

“I had heard of Dr. Seltzer and knew him from my gym.  He has an excellent reputation for cataract surgery and excellent experience.  Carolinas Centers for Sight is a very professional organization.  They care and are interested and provided a better experience than I could have imagined.  I am a golfer and before cataract surgery, I couldn’t see where the ball was.  Having had cataract surgery, it makes sports more enjoyable and lets me play with the grandkids.  Dr. Seltzer was exacting, precise and thorough.  I had confidence in him because he tells you what is going to happen.  It could not have been a better experience.

— Joe P.

“My cataract surgery was a complete success.  I don’t need glasses for driving and it’s a blessing.  For the first time in 65 years, I do not have to wear glasses for distance.  I only wear them for reading.  I love Dr. Greene.  He is very atten-tive and always gave me information before I had to ask for it.  I trust him entirely.  I would highly recommend him because to me, he is the best.”

— Joyce W.

“Now that I had cataract surgery, I can see everything like it is supposed to be seen.  I can especially see better when cooking and am able to read recipes now.  Carolinas Centers for Sight is a great place; great service and friendly people.  As for Dr. Vasuki, I couldn’t ask for anyone better.  He explains everything and tells you what to expect before surgery.  When you ask questions, you get answers quickly.  I would recommend Dr. Vasuki to anyone and tell them to come here.”

— Emily T.

“My vision is crystal clear after cataract surgery.  I have given my glasses to charity because I no longer need them.  I can read books, newspapers and see distant objects all in the same motion thanks to the lenses implanted by Dr. Seltzer.  Cataract surgery and recovery are painless.  Don’t pass up the oppor-tunity to improve your vision. Dr. Seltzer is absolutely the best!  On a scale of 1 to 5, Dr. Seltzer, the office  and surgical staff are all a 6. Everyone is very professional and caring.”

— Kenneth S.

“The most important change after my cataract surgery is being able to drive at night and read signs without glasses.  It is wonderful because I have no blurriness and can do things now that I wasn’t able to do before.  I would recommend Dr. Greene and Carolinas Centers for Sight to a friend or family member to have laser cataract surgery if needed.  Dr. Greene did an excellent job.  I would give him a 95% service rating.”

— Thomas I.

“I stayed home day and night and became homebound because I could not see.  At church, I couldn’t see the pastor’s face and I couldn’t read the song book.  The day after my cataract surgery, I picked up the remote and turned to the television guide and I could read everything.  Bless Dr. Vasuki’s heart!  I couldn’t believe it because I could see and I didn’t go through any pain or discomfort.  Dr. Vasuki is beautiful—he did everything he was supposed to do and was very pro-fessional.  I am so pleased with everything.”

— Sandra G.


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