Cataract Testimonials

Read Some Words from Our Happy Cataract Patients

“I lost my self-confidence because I was embarrassed that I had to wear glasses and use a magnifying glass to help my daughter with her homework. My distance vision was also blurred. Now my vision after cataract surgery is clear and bright.  Dr. Greene is very thorough when explaining things to you and puts you at ease.  I have already referred several patients to him.”

—Dana S.

“I haven’t been shooting in over a year for the simple reason that it was too hard to see.  Since my laser cataract surgery, I can see and hit my target better than anybody else.”

—Jerry B.

“I would recommend Dr. Seltzer to anybody who asks.  Between zero and one hundred, he was really 100%.  I would tell anybody to go to him and tell them to go for the laser.  It is the best thing that could ever happen.  Don’t wait or put it off.”

—Josie T.

“I had cataracts in both eyes and could not see to drive at night.  Now, I can drive with no problems.  I am thrilled to death because I had my license renewed yesterday and passed the exam with no restriction for glasses.  Both my eyes are 20/20.  This makes me feel younger.”

—Marion R.

“Now I can see my television and read the TV Guides better.  I have no more pain in my eyes.  I am grateful for the kindness, prompt and speedy service I received from Dr. Greene and his staff from the first moment until the last visit.  God bless and thank you!

—Margaret H.

“Dr. Vasuki is delightful, knowledgeable and puts you at ease.  He has a kind demeanor and I enjoy having him as my doctor.  He has removed cataracts from both my eyes with laser cataract surgery and now my vision is perfect.  I don’t need glasses to watch television or cook because my vision is like when I was younger.”

—Dena G.

“I did my homework and knew I did not want to have bladed cataract surgery.  I feel blessed with having Dr. Seltzer do my laser cataract surgery because of his reputation, the assurance of his years of experience.  I felt comfortable and am certainly pleased with the outcome.”

—Anita T.

“Since my cataract surgery, I can read to my grandchildren.  I can read Facebook and I can read the words at the bottom of the television screen.  I love Dr. Vasuki! I have been telling people about him and even referred my mother to him.”

—Melissa T.

“Before I had cataract surgery, I thought it was normal for everything to look dull and hazy.  Driving was a really bad experience for me, especially when it rained.  Headlights looked like huge stars coming at me.  But after my cataract surgery and my new lens implants, wow, what a difference.  I never knew such pretty colors and clearness existed.  Thank you, Dr. Greene and staff.”

—Lola B.

“Dr. Seltzer was very thorough and explained exactly what my options were.  I decided to go with the ORA technology because it would help the doctor confirm which lens implant to use in my eye.  I am very happy with my results after just one day since my cataract surgery.  There was nothing to be nervous or worried about.”

—Marc S.

“Before cataract surgery, getting to and from work was dangerous for me.  At work, I could not see the computer or read information I needed. Now, I am just so pleased that I shook Dr. Greene’s hand and gave him a hug because everything is so much brighter and clearer.  It’s a bright, sunshiny day every day!  You will see the world for the first time in a long time.  I recommend that people come to Carolinas Centers for Sight for their surgery.”

—Katie S.

“My experience has been wonderful.  I called Carolinas Centers for Sight and was able to get an appointment for the next week.  The person who answered was so nice, I wanted to meet her.  When I came in, I was treated with respect.  Dr. Vasuki is just what the website information on new technology says and was very knowledgeable.  The young lady who did my assessment explained what she was looking for and was compassionate.  When I came in for my surgery, they treated me like a jewel.  It was an enlightening and enjoyable experience.”

—Joyce T.

“When Dr. Greene told me I needed cataract surgery, I was a little scared.  Everyone was so gentle with me.  They gave me step-by-step instructions in writing as to what I needed to do.  Now I can see well in both eyes and I’m so glad I had it done.  I recommend Carolinas Centers for Sight to anyone who wants to see well again.”

—James C.

“Dr. Seltzer gave me 200% better vision than what I had before cataract surgery.  I do office work and I’m more comfortable because I can read without readers.  I can craft things in my shop better because I don’t have to wear glasses.  When I cut grass, all I have to do is wear goggles and not worry about my glasses fogging up.”

—Gene G.

“Dr. Vasuki explained everything to me about cataracts.  He was very knowledgeable and made me feel like I was in good hands.  The staff was very professional and friendly.  Every time I come in, they do a thorough exam of my eyes.  On surgery day, everything was explained before being done with no wasted time; they were very efficient.  They called me after surgery to check on me that day which I thought was very generous.”

—Marian M.

“Dr. Seltzer is my new best friend because he has helped me to see again.  In the past, I couldn’t drive to see my daughter and grandchildren.  Now, I can see well enough to drive myself to see them and I don’t feel trapped at home any more.  Having had cataract surgery makes me feel better about life in general.  That is the biggest thing to me.  I just feel better about tomorrow.”

—Betty S.

“I went to take the drivers’ test and could not see anything except the big E.  24 hours after my cataract surgery, I saw things in my house I didn’t know were there.  I had laser cataract surgery and have Toric lenses for astigmatism.  My astigmatism is corrected and I only need readers for close up. Now I can see better and can drive with no problems. I did not know the things I was missing before my surgery.”

—Robert O.



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