LASIK Testimonials


“I was very satisfied with my LASIK surgery. I was afraid when I thought about the idea of the surgery, but it outweighed how miserable I was on a daily basis. Once I had my consultation appointment, I felt very at ease with the procedure and how it all worked. It seemed so simple and quick. I was in and out before I knew it. That evening, I could see road signs for the first time without any glasses or contacts. Dr.Greene is the MAN! From the first time I met him, I knew I was in great hands. I highly recommend him.”

– Ashley N.

“Before my LASIK surgery, I could not see anything including the large ‘E’ on the eye chart without glasses. I am big deer hunter. It was a problem for me wearing glasses when hunting because my peripheral vision was non-existent and my glasses fogged up on cold mornings. Now that I have had LASIK, this isn’t an issue. Dr.Green is awesome! He is very thorough and caring. The staff was very caring and top-notch. This is a first-class operation here. I would tell anyone considering LASIK to do it and don’t wait.”

– Larry N.

Glasses and contacts used to be a necessity for me but after after LASIK surgery, it is the complete opposite. I can see everything. The freedom of not having to worry if my contacts are shifting, getting bubbles under them or dirt on them or having to carry a case for the contacts is terrific. DR. Greene has done a miracle with my eyes. Staff have all been fantastic. This is a wonderful atmosphere to be in.”

– Adrianna C.

“After PRK surgery, my vision is not blurred. I am very pleased with the surgery and the staff at Carolinas Center for Sight. I’ve always been treated wonderfully. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor than Dr. Greene. He’s always ready to talk with you and explain things. He has an excellent ‘beside manner’. He talks to you like an old friend or a buddy. Everyone in the office is very pleasant. I’ve always been treated very nicely. They seem to have the utmost concern for me. I have already recommended Dr. Greene to several people.”

– Barbara T.

“As a paramedic, I am actually able to do my job better because I can see things clearly and focus better. If you are considering LASIK, just do it! No need for doubts, hesitation or reservation. As far as vision care and improvements, it is the best thing that you can do for yourself. There is nothing to compare it to. I am glad I had it done.”

– Brian H.

“I work under houses where there is a lot of dust. I don’t have to worry about getting anything in my eyes or getting glasses all fogged up and dirty. I would tell anyone to have LASIK done. There is no pain involved and it is worth the investment. You don’t have to worry about buying glasses or contacts again. It brought self-esteem back for me.”

– David N.

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