What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are part of the normal aging process, although they can occur due to disease, injury or a birth defect.

A cataract occurs when the normally clear and transparent eye lens becomes cloudy due to the build-up of natural proteins in the eyes. The cataract decreases the amount of light that can be focused on the retina at the back of the eye.

This is typically a slow and gradual process. In fact, you can live with cataracts for years without them seriously affecting your daily life. As the cataract grows in size and opacity, vision will become increasingly impaired, making it difficult to perform routine tasks.

Cataract Surgeons in South Carolina & North Carolina

Carolinas Centers For Sight, P.C. is a premier ophthalmology clinic that performs cataract surgery in Florence, SC. Being diagnosed with cataracts can seem daunting – until you learn that almost everyone will develop a cataract at some point. In fact, more than half of all Americans will have a cataract by age 80. The good news is that cataract surgery in Florence, SC is very common and considered one of the safest medical procedures. When performed by our highly-trained surgeons using advanced technologies, you can expect to have improved vision after surgery. We invite you to click on the Cataracts Self Evaluation Test to find out if you may be a candidate for this life-changing procedure.

What Are the Different Types of Cataract Surgery?

What are Cataract Symptoms?

Cloudy or Blurry Vision: Vision, in general, starts to blur, but it is especially noticeable when driving or watching TV from a normal distance.

Light and Glare Sensitivity: Many people find it difficult to drive towards the sun. They also find it harder to see golf balls against a bright sky, even though vision may seem acceptable under other circumstances.

Trouble Seeing At Night: Because a cataract allows less light through the lens, it may become more bothersome in low light conditions, especially when trying to drive at night.

Do you think you may be suffering with cataracts?

The Best Cataract Surgeons in the Carolinas

Dr. Samuel E. SeltzerDr. Howard N. Greene, and Dr. Vivek P. Vasuki are our cataract surgeons in Florence. Surgery is performed at our adjacent Florence Surgery and Laser Center (FSLC), LLC. FSLC is one of the leading facilities in the region for cataract surgery with over 60,000 procedures performed. Due to our high volume of cataract procedures, we maintain a large inventory of the most advanced replacement lens implants.

What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgery?

If you think you might need cataract surgery, the first step is to have a comprehensive eye examination. Your doctor will be able to determine if a cataract is the cause of your decreased vision. If it is, and if it is inhibiting your quality of life and the activities that bring you joy, then our surgeons can help you determine which cataract surgery option is best for your eyes and lifestyle.


Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery Florence, SC

We offer bladeless femto laser cataract surgery to patients in Florence, SC and North and South Carolina residents. Thanks to medical advances, cataract surgery is a common outpatient procedure. Today, patients have a choice between bladed cataract surgery and the advanced technology of LenSx® bladeless femto laser cataract surgery. When you choose the LenSx® laser approach, you will enjoy the benefits of a bladeless advanced technology procedure, a comfortable setting and a personalized surgical experience.

LenSx® Femto Laser Benefits:

  • Advanced technology procedure
  • Astigmatism management
  • More precise incisions
  • Customized to each person’s eyes
  • Better lens positioning
  • Less surgical trauma to the eye
  • Less inflammation
  • More predictable results
  • Quicker visual rehabilitation

LenSx® Laser Surgery Steps

The first step with the LenSx® femto laser is to create a small incision with the laser instead of a blade.  The LenSx® femto laser then creates an opening in the thin membrane that surrounds the natural lens so that the cataract can be removed through the opening. In order to remove the cataract, the natural lens must be divided into sections. This critical step is also performed by the LenSx®femto laser, which causes less stress to the delicate fibers surrounding the membrane that holds the natural lens in place.

Prior to inserting the intraocular lens, ORA VerifEye+™ Technology is used to provide real-time, continuous information that allows our surgeons to validate and refine surgical plans in the operating room with data not available in pre-op analysis.  This step is critical to maximizing a successful outcome, since pre-op measurements are taken through the cloudy cataract. ORA helps to finalize lens choice and placement of the intraocular lens implant as well as provide better outcomes for patients with astigmatism or those who have previously had LASIK surgery.

LenSx® vs Standard Cataract Surgery

Why is it important to decide which IOL you want before your cataract surgery?

Once you have cataract surgery, you cannot change your mind to upgrade to a premium lens implant. That is why it is so important to really think about this decision ahead of time. At Carolinas Center for Sight, we strive to answer all your questions and help you through this decision process. We understand that your lifetime of good vision depends on it.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn About Your Options

The first step to find out if you need cataract surgery is a comprehensive eye exam with one of our Board Certified Ophthalmologists at Carolinas Center for Sight.

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