Eyelid Surgery

Rejuvenate Your Vision and Appearance with Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Your eyelids are important to protect your eyes and to spread your tears evenly over your cornea for optimal vision.

Eyelid Problems Include


Lower eyelid drooping that results in a dry red eye at increased risk for infection and scarring

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Lower eyelid turning in with eyelashes, rubbing the cornea resulting in irritation and redness as well as an increased risk for infection and scarring

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Upper eyelid drooping resulting in decreased field of vision while reading, computing, or driving.

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Bags under the eyes

Due to weakening of the barriers that are supposed to keep the fat in the orbit. With age, these deteriorate allowing fat and overnight fluid accumulation to push out the lower eyelid skin.

This may intermittently require one to raise a lid with a finger in order to see. It may also result in being tired at day’s end due to having to raise the eyebrows constantly in order to see throughout the day. Many patients with drooping eyelids are reminded of them continually by their well-meaning friends and family.

Improvements Possible with Eyelid Surgery

Repair of Ectropion

Bring the lower eyelid back into contact with the eyeball

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Repair of Entropion

Turn the lower eyelid out so that it no longer scratches the eyeball

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Mild Ptosis

Blephaorplasty: removal of heavy excess skin, lifting eyelid in the process.

For more severe ptosis

Levator Advanced: removal of excess skin as well as reattaching the eyelid muscle to the upper lid plate, lifting the eyelid significantly.

Repair of Lower Lid Bags

Removing the lower lid skin and protruding fat as well as any ectropion which reveals itself (this is usually not covered by insurance).

If ptosis/drooping eyelids are seriously affecting your visual field, correction may be considered medically necessary and be covered by insurance.

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