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Cataract Surgery Financing

Financing the Vision of Your youth

When a procedure is considered medically necessary, it is typically covered by insurance. That is usually the case with traditional cataract surgery in Florence, SC and monofocal IOLs.

However, when you decide to upgrade your cataract surgery and choose the LenSx® femto laser to place your monofocal, premium TORIC or multifocal IOLs you will incur some out-of-pocket costs. But can you really put a price on the visual freedom that comes with multifocal IOLs? Most of our premium multifocal IOL patients say the extra cost was well worth the end result.

Cataract Surgery Financing

If clear vision without the need for glasses is your goal, we want to help you achieve that goal by offering cataract surgery financing in Florence. We have 2 options:

  • CareCredit®: 0% interest for 12 months
  • CareCredit®: Low interest extended payment programs for 48 months

We can help you determine if one of these options would work with your monthly budget.

Using Flexible Spending Accounts for Cataract Surgery in Florence

If you are employed and your employer offers flexible spending or health savings accounts, you may be able to use these plans to lower the cost of your cataract surgery. This cost reduction is achieved because these plans allow you to allocate part of your paycheck into a temporary, tax-free savings account to use for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as those associated with cataract surgery.

Follow These Flex Plan Steps

  1. Make sure now is the right time for cataract surgery by scheduling a Cataract Consultation at Carolinas Centers for Sight, P.C.
  2. Determine which type of lens is right for your vision and lifestyle.
  3. Find out how much your procedure and IOL will cost so you can allocate the correct amount.
  4. Enroll in your company’s plan and find out the deadline to use your saved money. These are often “use it or lose it” plans.

Payments Accepted

We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Cataract Financing Available

Need financing for cataract surgery?
- CareCredit®: 0% interest for 12 months
- CareCredit®: low interest extended payment programs for 48 months

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Vasuki was very professional and explained what we were going to do which gave me confidence in him and I wasn’t worried a bit. The staff was excellent..."

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Samuel E. Seltzer, MD

Samuel E. Seltzer, MD formed his practice in South Carolina in 1989 and has endeavored to provide the most technologically advanced ophthalmology care in the region. Well-known and widely-respected, Dr. Seltzer specializes in bladeless femto laser and small incision cataract surgery.


Cataract Self-Evaluation

If you have less ability to focus or see clearly, if colors appear faded or dull, if you are having difficultly seeing clearly at night, or if your general vision seems cloudy or hazy, you may be a candidate for cataract surgery.

LASIK Self-Evaluation

Just a few minutes in our LASIK suite can result in years of visual freedom from glasses and contacts. Take our FREE LASIK self-evaluation test to find out if you're a candidate for this life-changing procedure.