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Common Questions About KAMRA® Inlay

Q. What is the KAMRA® Inlay treatment?

  • KAMRA® Inlay is an eye procedure that restores near vision
  • It frees one from the constant frustrations of reading glasses
  • Inlay is placed in the clear central layer at the front of the eye known as the cornea
  • Similar to a contact lens, the inlay is a mini-ring with an opening in the center, like a paper hole punch reinforcement, only black to match the pupil

Q. What benefits does the KAMRA® Inlay provide?

  • Curtails the need for reading glasses
  • Restores everyday near vision for text messages, computer screens and wrist watches, without the frustration of reading glasses or contacts
  • Provides a natural range of vision from near to far without blur zones
  • Offers long-term near vision without aging changes

Q. Will my distance vision change?

  • KAMRA® Inlay restores near vision while maintaining far vision
  • Unlike monovision LASIK or contact lenses, the KAMRA® Inlay does not compromise distance vision and depth perception

Q. How long will the KAMRA® Inlay last?

  • The KAMRA® Inlay is a long-lastinig solution to presbyopia
  • The effect of the KAMRA® Inlay will remain unchanged unless your cornea changes or you develop cataracts

Q. Can the KAMRA® Inlay be removed?

  • Yes, the inlay can be surgically removed

Q. What can I expect during the procedure?

  • The KAMRA® Inlay procedure itself usually takes less than 15 minutes
  • Anesthetic drops are used to ensure one is comfortable throughout the procedure

Q. What are side effects after the KAMRA® Inlay procedure?

  • Eye may feel a little irritated or scratchy after the procedure
  • Patients may also experience some tearing and light sensitivity
  • The most common side effect is dry eye, which can occur with any corneal surgery

Q. What improvements will I notice?

  • Patients will see a gradual improvement in their near vision
  • The amount of near vision improvement varies by individual, although most patients improve an average of about three lines on a near eye chart

Q. How soon after surgery can I resume normal activities?

  • Most patients resume normal activities and return to work within 24 to 48 hours
  • The doctor will discuss your specific recovery process with you in detail
  • You should avoid rubbing your eye or submerging it in water after surgery

Q. Will I still need to wear reading glasses?

  • The KAMRA® Inlay is to reduce your dependency on reading glasses
  • You may still need mild magnification if you are working in dim light, performing a near task for prolonged periods of time or reading tiny print

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What Is KAMRA® Inlay?

The KAMRA® Inlay treatment is an eye procedure that restores near vision and frees you from the constant frustration of reading glasses. The entire KAMRA® Inlay procedure typically only take less than 20 minutes.

Howard N. Greene, MD

Dr. Greene specializes in small-incision bladeless laser cataract surgery with the LenSx® femto laser, intraocular lens implants, LASIK, PRK, glaucoma medical and surgical care, and eyelid surgery. In addition, he treats evaporative dry eye and performs LipiFlow® procedures.


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