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Dr. Donna Glenn, 52, is an optometrist.  She has spent decades helping her patients find solutions for their vision problems from glasses and contact lenses, to referring patients to an ophthalmologist for LASIK and cataract procedures.Last year, Dr. Glenn went from being the doctor to being the patient, as she became frustrated with a vision problem of her own.  Dr. Glenn had presbyopia, a natural condition of the eye that affects everyone as we age and commonly begins to occur around the mid-40s to mid-50s.  The natural lens of the eye becomes stiff as we get older, and this loss of flexibility makes it more difficult to focus when we read.

“I always enjoyed great vision, but then in my late 40s, early 50s, I started to need reading glasses for certain occasions,” Dr. Glenn explained.  “Around age 50, I needed them more often, so I purchased a pair of really cute frames for my progressive lenses, the no-line bifocal.  I started to wear those more and more, and I became very frustrated.  I couldn’t see, my handwriting became sloppy, I couldn’t even write neatly anymore unless I had my glasses on, and I just didn’t feel like myself.  I always enjoyed great vision but now, all of a sudden, I’m wearing these progressive lenses.”“I started to really empathize with my patients and what they were going through.  I had to wear glasses all the time and I started to feel old.  Then I found out about KAMRA Inlay.”

The KAMRA Inlay is a tiny mini-ring, smaller than a contact lens and thinner than a human hair.  The inlay sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea and only allows focused light to enter the eye, much like the aperture on a camera lens.  The KAMRA Inlay lets patients have clear up-close vision for reading and working, while maintaining their good distance vision. 

While her vision was good after the procedure, it was a trip to the grocery store that brought it all into focus.  “I had the procedure on a Monday afternoon and a week later I was in the grocery store.  I was in a rush getting food for my son’s school lunches.  I was in the self-checkout lane and I picked up a lemon and punched in the little code on the produce sticker.  When I left the grocery store, that’s when it hit me that the KAMRA Inlay was benefitting me.  I really started to notice things and appreciate that it was doing its job.” 

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