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For Successful Cataract Surgery, One Specific Lens Stands Above the Rest

If the idea of needing to undergo cataract surgery for one or both of your eyes brings up a lot of questions, you can rest assured that the technology used to improve your vision has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.  Working with your ophthalmologist to uncover your vision correction needs will likely provide much of the information you’re looking for, but one common question may remain for many patients:  After cataract surgery, will I be able to see perfectly?

Decades ago the answer might have been probably not, as intraocular lenses typically only addressed one or two vision concerns for most patients.  Previously, after cataract surgery, many individuals still relied on the use of reading glasses to get by, while others adjusted to a rather complex way of seeing called mono-vision.

However, thanks to new technology and the specific advances of the Tecnis Symfony® Extended Depth of Focus lenses, patients don’t have to make compromises.  Let’s explore the benefits of these lenses and why you and your ophthalmologist should discuss if these lenses are the right choice for correcting your vision.

A Full Range of Vision

Whether you love playing golf and need to switch your gaze back and forth between your ball and the hole down the fairway or you enjoy reading novels for hours on end but don’t want to wear glasses to see far away, the Tecnis Symfony® Multifocal Extended Depth of Focus lens has you covered.  Unlike other intraocular lenses on the market, the Tecnis Symfony Multifocal Extended Depth of Focus lens offers a seamless and complete range of vision at a variety of depths and distances. If you also need a correction for astigmatism, the Tecnis Multifocal/ Toric (astigmatism) Extended Depth of Focus lens will correct your distance vision and astigmatism.

Let There Be Light

The Tecnis Multifocal Extended Depth of Focus lens doesn’t only address how well you see, but its enhanced level of technology also takes into consideration the world around you.  If you’ve spoken with friends or family who have had cataract surgery, they may tell you that it is sometimes difficult to see clearly in specific lighting conditions.  Yet this lens is a complete game changer when it comes to visual clarity.

An occasional occurrence among patients who have undergone cataract surgery is an effect that is called “glistening,” where the lens itself changes after surgery and causes light to scatter.  This in turn creates an issue where image contrast is disturbed, contributing to vision that’s less than ideal.  Both the Tecnis Symfony® Multifocal and Toric Extended Depth of Focus lenses reduce glistening and offer unmatched visual clarity.

Is It Right For You?

A multitude of factors need to be considered when approaching cataract surgery. Both you and your ophthalmologist should work together to determine if the Tecnis Symfony® Multifocal Extended Depth of Focus, which corrects vision at many different distances, or the Tecnis Symfony Multifocal /Toric Extended Depth of Focus, which corrects vision at many distances and corrects astigmatism, is right for you.

With intraocular lens technology improving at a rapid rate, it’s products like the Tecnis Symfony Multifocal/Toric lens that offers patients an optimistic attitude toward cataract surgery and their ability to see  better than they have in years.

Click here to view the PDF version of our Symfony® lens comparison infographic.