Posted by: Carolinas Center for Sight in Near Vision Correction

Have you ever found yourself in the grocery store without your reading glasses? Maybe you just popped in on your way home from work, or maybe you’re on a planned trip but just forgot those pesky readers. Either way, there you are, product in hand, staring at a blurry label. You want to make a healthy choice, but that label is completely useless to you because… You. Just. Can’t. Read It! You expect to someday use reading glasses for newspapers and magazines, but at the grocery store? Surprisingly, grocery shopping without your reading glasses has real consequences. Here are four reasons why a trip to the grocery store minus your glasses might cost more than you think:

  1. Nutritional Labels Are Tricky Business

Nutrition facts are difficult enough to understand even among those of us with perfect vision. Is it organic? Non GMO? Does it contain trans fats? Too much sugar? Too much salt? Is it peanut free? Gluten free? Is there too much iron? Or not enough?  Or one of a hundred other questions that might be important to you. There is a lot of information to be found on a nutritional label. That must explain why they are written in 3-point font. You can stretch your arms as far as you can, but even the yogis among us can’t stretch them far enough to read something that small. So, either you play the game of glasses on glasses off up and down every aisle or your find yourself in the dark in terms of what you are actually buying.

  1. You’ve Got To See to Save

Coupons. They can save you a lot of money. If, of course, you buy the right size and the right quantity by the right date. Yet none of this is possible without … you got it… your reading glasses.

  1. Self-Checkout: Good for Introverts With Perfect Vision

You know those little numbers on produce stickers? The ones you have to sometimes type in when “tomatoes on the vine” doesn’t appear in the self-checkout photo array? Well, they appear to be even smaller than a nutritional label. The 5s look like 8s and the 3s look like 9s and the whole sticker looks like it belongs in a museum miniatures collection.

  1. Do Expiration Dates Matter?

Some say yes and some say no. But, the answer to this question is irrelevant if you can’t read the expiration date to begin with! First, you have to find the date. Since there is no universal system for where to place a “use by” date, you have to search, which is a real challenge if you need reading glasses. Sometimes they are stamped on the container, sometimes they are right on the lid, but always they are so small they are impossible to read without a magnifying glass. Or your readers. You know, the ones you forgot to bring because you were just popping in for a gallon of milk? If you’re frustrated by reading glasses or contact lenses for every day activities, now there is something you can do about it. The KAMRA® inlay could make reading small print (like grocery store receipts) easy again! The KAMRA inlay is a tiny mini-ring that is placed in the eye during a brief procedure. It helps restore near vision and offers long-term performance to help you continue to enjoy clear vision over time.   This was originally posted