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Advanced Z-LASIK Technology: Available At Only One Practice In The Pee Dee – Carolinas Centers for Sight, P.C.

Z-LASIK is a sophisticated, yet very affordable, version of LASIK which uses the low-energy Ziemer femtosecond laser to correct vision. This new technique has been shown in clinical studies to be one of the most simple, predictable and safe ways to correct vision.

Z-LASIK is a long-term premium solution used to correct nearsighted and  farsighted vision issues.  For most people, being free from glasses and contact lenses makes many activities and even daily living much easier.

Each Z-LASIK procedure takes your unique visual differences into account.  Plans are customized to each patient for optimal correction.  Astigmatism and small differences in the surface of the eye are calculated and corrected giving you the very best outcome.  

This personalized treatment plan includes the iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Studio System which captures more data than ever before to create a detailed picture of your eye’s unique imperfections and accurately plans a treatment for you alone.

Benefits of iDESIGN include over 1,200 points of data captured from each eye to create your highly accurate 3D map.  iDESIGN is 25 times more accurate than standard measurements used for glasses and contacts.  It can also help correct high levels of astigmatism in people with nearsightedness.

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