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For some, the thought of cataract surgery brings up feelings of uncertainty and concern – the ability to see better with glasses often seems like a better choice compared to the unknown result of post-procedure vision. However, advancements in surgical technology, as well as the implants used, have made cataract surgery quick, easy, and an option that brings better results than many expect.

When you discuss cataract surgery with your ophthalmologist, you’ll likely be presented with several different types of intraocular lenses to choose from. Although you won’t be left to make that choice alone, as your doctor will discuss the benefits of each with you, it’s an important aspect in the process and one you’ll want to seriously consider. For many, the best choice is the PanOptix Trifocal.

Carolinas Centers for Sight surgeon, Dr. Samuel Seltzer, performs an exam on one of the first patients from the Myrtle beach area to receive the new FDA approved PanOptix® Trifocal intraocular cataract lens.

A Bit Of History

Decades ago, cataract lens implants were rather basic in design and often could only correct for one focal point. Patients were forced to choose between having great far vision and needing reading glasses or being able to see well up close but relying on a distance correction for most activities. Better lens options slowly began to come onto the market, and before long, Alcon released the first trifocal IOL in the United States.

Unlike any other option available, their PanOptix lens allows patients to see clearly at any distance, resulting in over 80% of patients stating that they never had to wear glasses again! Designed to enhance your vision with near HD quality, the PanOptix Trifocal IOL has become the most trusted cataract implant to date.

3 Reasons It’s The Lens For You

While there are other multifocal lenses on the market, Alcon has truly gone above and beyond with PanOptix. Here’s why it’s right for you:

  • Correction for nearly any visual concern – It used to be difficult to address astigmatism with cataract implants, but the PanOptix Trifocal is different. It uses astigmatism-correcting technology for patients with complex prescriptions and may even reduce your dependency on glasses.
  • Clear vision anytime, anywhere – Rather than having to get used to blurry zones as you shift your focus, you can enjoy seamless visual acuity no matter where you look. PanOptix incorporates state-of-the-art technology to allow many patients to live glasses-free!
  • Potential side-effects are minimized – While cataract surgery dramatically improves your vision, older technology often meant that you were left seeing glare at night and rings or rays around lights.Alcon’s PanOptix Trifocal reduces these occurrences, making your post-surgical vision clearer than ever before.

A New World Of Vision

Nearly everyone develops cataracts later in life, and you might find that your vision isn’t significantly affected by their presence. However, if and when you and your ophthalmologist decide that it’s time for surgery, consider the PanOptix Trifocal IOL. Whether you work in an office setting, are retired, or enjoy an active lifestyle full of hobbies and interests, it’s a lens that offers clearer vision than you ever thought possible. If you have more questions, schedule an appointment with your doctor to discover how much better your eyesight could be.