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Having to wear glasses or contacts for the rest of your life isn’t exactly the most fun idea, and for some, the decision to get LASIK is one of the more exciting events in one’s life. Whether you’ve struggled to see well with contacts for years or you’ve finally gotten tired of having glasses on your face, there are a wealth of reasons to undergo this procedure. After working with your ophthalmologist to determine whether you’re a good candidate or not, you may still have some additional questions. Our guide to LASIK will go over some of the ins and outs of the procedure and help you to determine if this option is truly right for you!

  • LASIK is quick, easy, and painless. All too often people worry that getting laser eye surgery will hurt, but instead, LASIK is one of the easier procedures you may ever go through! The process itself takes around 10 minutes per eye and does not hurt at all. Your ophthalmologist will explain everything in detail and make sure you know exactly what will happen each step of the way.
  • Most vision corrections can be achieved through LASIK. Getting laser eye surgery doesn’t require a special type of prescription, and instead, is a suitable option for many people. Whether you need glasses or contacts to see far away or up close, you may be a candidate. LASIK also helps those who experience astigmatism and even presbyopia, the need for vision correction at both near and far distances.
  • Laser eye surgery is more affordable now than ever before. Just like with many other medical treatments, LASIK has certainly comedown in price over the last handful of years. Not only is it more affordable now, but there are a range of options to help with payment instead of using cold, hard cash. From flexible spending accounts to lines of credit specifically for medical use, paying for LASIK no longer has to be a hurdle to overcome.
  • In many cases, you’ll enjoy minimal recovery time and amazing results. Each patient brings a unique set of needs to the office, but for those who are ideal LASIK candidates, thinking about post-operative concerns shouldn’t be worrisome. Many patients are able to return to work the day or two following their procedure, and within one year of their surgery, 90% of individuals had 20/20 vision or even better!

 If the LASIK procedure is intriguing to you but you’re still unsure about how appropriate it will be for your lifestyle, take this quick self-evaluation to determine your options.Those who are candidates will have the opportunity to learn more about LASIK in-depth with one of our ophthalmologists to determine if it’s the right choice for their needs.

Just imagine – the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts could be gone after a simple procedure that’s easy, affordable, and quite literally life-changing. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment, learn more about LASIK, and meet with one of our experienced ophthalmologists.

VIDEO: LASIK – Introduction