CCFS Offices COVID Update

Posted by: Carolinas Center for Sight in Patient Safety Information

Mask Policy Our first concern is everyone’s safety. The CDC eased indoor mask guidance, now relying on how COVID-19 is affecting a community’s healthcare system, rather than transmission rates alone, as a guide for mask recommendations. Masks are optional when visiting our clinics based on your preference. You may request that your doctor and/or care […]

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What Is Refractive Surgery?

Posted by: Carolinas Center for Sight in Eye Surgery

The vast majority of adults rely on some sort of vision correction to see clearly, and whether they use glasses full-time, part-time, or wear contacts, most might tell you that they can be troublesome to deal with at times. Neither glasses nor contacts are a permanent solution to visual issues, as they need to be […]

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How We Lose Vision

Posted by: Carolinas Center for Sight in Eye Health

For many people, the idea of losing your vision is frightening. We rely so heavily on being able to see the world around us that the thought of not being able to is almost unimaginable. However, some people do end up with varying cases of vision loss due to a variety of factors. Let’s learn […]

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Choosing the Right Cataract Lens

Posted by: Carolinas Center for Sight in Cataract Surgery

As we age, our eyes go through natural changes that can sometimes affect our quality of vision. While some diseases can be caused by specific medical factors, cataracts typically develop later in life no matter how healthy you are. For most, cataracts reach a stage where seeing clearly isn’t achievable through eyewear alone, and cataract […]

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